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ready to head out, finally!

on the road...

Eden, before her ears started to hurt...

Dad at the wheel

Steven & Wheeler chilling

Mayzie and Wheeler call a truce.


We were up bright and early, dogs went out, breakfast was eaten, and somehow it was still 9:30 by the time we were ready for our departure photo. A couple of errands on the way out (including delivering food for Foxy!), put us on the highway around 10:15 AM. Eden was outfitted in her new wrist brace, and though she likes it, she still finds her wrist uncomfortable. Sure hope she didn’t break it on Friday – but we’ll keep it immobilized, and see how things resolve. Good thing we have ibuprofen along. Her cold, however, is not improving, and by about 11 AM, she was in some discomfort from her right ear. She wasn’t running any temperature, so we gave her some cough medicine and encouraged her to lie down. The wait at the border was 30-45 minutes, and that was even crossing at Fort Erie! A brief stop at Walmart; by then Eden was really uncomfortable, and opted to stay in the RV with Chuck. She was crying a little, off and on and holding her ear. Shopping was done at 1:15, and Eden got another dose of ibu…by now she was really upset, and Kristy tried to get a laugh by wiping out in the moving RV! It is rather interesting, landing with your feet in the bathroom and your head on the bed…just because the vehicle suddenly started *really* moving! After cleaning up the spilled cough medicine, and giving another dose of ibu at 2 pm, along with a healthy dose of cough medicine (hoping to make her sleepy), and some newly-purchased ear drops, Kristy crawled into Eden’s bunk to snuggle with her for a while. By 3 pm, Kristy had been curled up in the back of the RV with Eden for an hour with Eden crying uncontrollably (to the dismay of both her and everyone else in the vehicle). It was enough to bring Kristy to the point of praying the drum would rupture just to give Eden a break from the pressure. Instructions were given to find a hospital or walk-in clinic just for pain relief, even though E had no fever, and K was pretty sure it was due to the cold and would only be resolved by either rupture of the eardrum or resolution of the bug. When we saw a pharmacy enroute to the nearest (way off the beaten track) clinic, we decided to pull in. Pharmacists are a wealth of information at times… and when nurse-mom Kristy ‘fessed up to the hefty dose of Ibuprofen, and extra cough medicine, he did not even react… which we took to be a good sign that one day of ibuprofen every couple of hours was not going to do our youngest daughter in! He did suggest some Sudafed, which we promptly purchased. By the time we were done in the pharmacy, the meds had kicked in and our regular Eden was back – YAY!!! Now, if we can just stay ahead of the pain…Maybe we need to buy something stronger – like brandy, or something… some for Eden, some for us… just to get thru the night!

AT 6:30 PM, we call it a day and decide to find a campground. Kristy spots one on the GPS that sounds interesting… “Crystal Grove Diamond Mine and Campground”…and it is one of the closer ones to us – which will leave us a little bit of time to chill while we still have an evening. We pull in at 7:30, and setup is done in no time flat. This is a change!! Pulled supper out of the freezer while Chuck and the girls went for a little walk, and while it heated in the electric frying pan, the dogs were walked and Mayzie benefited from a little training time. She is such a smart little pup…

Our bellies called us back to the RV, and when we got there, we learned that Eden had found a diamond! Really, she did!! It is *tiny* but we are sure it is the real thing. Her first souvenir of the trip… What a neat campground, and a beautiful and quiet place to spend our first night.

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