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We had a great sleep at a lovely campground, whose occupants actually abide by the 10 pm quiet time. The kids hit the store when it opened in the morning, and purchased a small token of their time there. We went to the mines and chatted with a gentleman there, who happened to be Canadian, and a teacher... he spends all day in the mine, and sells the crystals to collectors! We were on the road again by 10 or so, and found our way back to the turnpike. It was good to be back on familiar turf - and despite the number of times we've traveled the route, the exit for the Mass Pike came and went...and we realized it after the fact! Given the price of gas, and the 7.25 mpg we've gotten so far, Chuck figured out a way to get turned around before the next exit (which was 28 mi away!). Eden was feeling much, much better today, though her arm still hurts.

Darrell and Laurie Baker, despite the short notice, welcomed us to park the rig in their driveway - and we had a meal together in the evening. The kids were enjoying each others' company late into the least if the kids are tired, they can sleep while we drive... A suggestion was make to call a local pediatrician to see what the best option might be to deal with Eden's wrist.

Later in the evening, some arrangements were made by the teens to get together with friends, and for the girls to get together with the VandenAkker girls. So, the plan is to stay in Northbridge for an additional night...

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