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Dave, Rob and James on Marcy

Dave at Lake Tear of the Clouds

3500 feet going to Mt. Colden

James and Allison on Colden

Rob and Allison on Colden

Dave on Colden looking at Flowed Lands

There's Iron in those rocks!

Dave on Opalescent Streambed looking towards Colden

Allison and Rob heading out of Flowed lands at lake Colden

Jeff on Marcy

Yes, we had to climb this!

James backpacking out from Flowed Lands to Upper Works

As the story goes, Dave said to Rob.... "lets do some high peaks. There are 46 high peaks in the Adirondacks, and if you climb them all, you can get this cool patch." Jeff's motto of "just tell me when and where" brings him along on this adventure also. So leaving our comfort zone of canoe camping we set out on a quest to tackle the Adirondack high peaks. Sure there is going to be a learning curve to backpacking. Our gear, most notably the tents, were much too heavy. We had to re-think our menu, no more campfire cooked steaks, potatoes, corn, coolers of beer and ice cream makers. Backpacks, boots, hydration packs, socks and freeze dried meals were researched and bought.

So after much reading and investigation, we hatched a plan to hike from the upper works parking lot into the Flowed Lands area. This trip included Jeff, Rob, Dave, Allison and James. From Flowed Lands we had the option to tackle many high peaks. Of course Mt. Marcy was first on the agenda because it is the highest peak and we decided we had better do #1 as a matter of bragging rights.

We learned a lot on that first trip! For Example:

1. Backpacks are heavy.

2. Campfires are not permitted in the Eastern High Peaks Region

3. The group should always stick together

On day one, Monday August..., we loaded up our too heavy packs and headed in to Flowed Land area, near Lake Colden from Upper Works parking area. It is about a 5.5 mile trip over a moderately uphill trail. It is difficult because the trail is rugged as most Adirondack trails can be, especially with a loaded backpack. We made the trek in about 4 hours, but it took some time to find a campsite as we were under the assumption that you are allowed to have fires at selected sites (you aren't).

After a late start because of some indecision, we decided that today was indeed the day to climb Marcy, with a possible side trip to Skylight.

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