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View from the Chav flats, damn I mean our Campsite

Looking out from Gordes

Just looking Gorgeous in Gordes

The other happy couple

Hugo & Niki both looking absolutely wonderful and happy

A very lovely foursome if ever I saw one.

Me and My mate/brother Alex

Hugo and his bitches!

No.. he didn't just mention the pyjamas did he?

Well if it isn't the Queen herself.

Partying continues the following day.

They're never yours!

The bride needs a little cooling down after a hot night

Of course one of the main reasons for our return to the UK was for 'The Wedding of the Year' Niki & Hugo's French affair.

Wow.. what can we say, obviously not everyone knows them but after viewing these wonderful photos you all will now and hope that they don't mind sharing their special day with you all.

I cannot begin to describe the beautiful setting 'En Provence'. Having never been to this part of France we were gob smacked at the beauty of the place and even the locals were rather nice, which makes a nice change in France from my experience.

We were fortunate to stay in the chav flats, damn I mean tents.. at the top of this little town in Provence, but with all high rise chav flats comes great views of the sprawling French countryside.

Everywhere we went that weekend we continued to be blown away by the sheer beauty of this region of France.

The wedding itself was beautiful and went off without a hitch,(with the exception of Barry's unforgiving droopy exposure, you will have to ask about that one).

Bride and Groom never looked happier to have all their close friends and family around them, as well as plenty of lovely French refreshments! Oh la la.

Now it is time for us to be on our merry way back across the world to start our trip down under.

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