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A leisurely morning with breakfast, catching up on news and baking a blackberry pie was a fitting beginning to a Sunday. No church service this week again since we do not know of any churches in our area so I hope someone will say a prayer for us. We need all the help we can get! LOL

About noon we loaded the truck with Sugar’s kennel for a trip to Lincoln, CA. It is about an hours drive. Without the fifth wheel following me we can drive a little over the legal speed limit of 70 mph. Highway 5 is dotted with orchards and fruit stands but highway 80, which was what we drove most of the way to Lincoln, is pretty much all business – get there and get home with higher speed limit and mostly five lanes. Lincoln is a neat area offering much to local residents in the line of conveniences and shops with a rapidly growing community.

As Maggie confidently directed us to Kim and Jason’s home we entered a Del Webb Lincoln Hills senior living community. A modern open gated community with neatly planted and well groomed boulevards. One immediately senses it is a well planned and thought out community that has rapidly attracted many new residents. Without a hitch Maggie directed us to Kim and Jason’s front door.

We had the pleasure of spending some time with Kim and Jason on our trip to Greece and Turkey. We have been fortunate to keep touch with some of the finest wonderful people on our trips. As we were welcomed into their beautiful home we were immediately greeted with a wonderful aroma of Korean food. When we were in Greece we thought it quite interesting that we went to a Korean restaurant to eat with Kim and Jason. Kim helped us pick out menu items we would enjoy and while we were eating assured us that her recipe for the same meal was better. Little did we suspect we would have the opportunity to put her to the test.

Sugar’s adventure consisted of residing in her kennel in the shade of their backyard where we could check on her often and give her fresh water.

We visited and got updated on their beautiful granddaughter. Kim then took us on a tour of their community with its golf courses and central buildings with swimming pool, fitness center, classes, restaurant and much more. On the way back we stopped to pick up ice cream for the blackberry pie we brought. A watermelon completed our shopping list. We returned just as the rice was finished cooking. The meal itself was worth driving from Wisconsin to enjoy. Kim had prepared Korean barbeque of beef and pork with rice, Korean style cucumbers, kimchi (Korea’s national dish) and bean sprouts. Jason opened a wonderful bottle of cabernet sauvignon which made the meal a 10.5 on a 10 point scale. Now, do you think we refused when Kim offered to send the left overs along with us? How do you say yes and do cartwheels and handstands without being obvious? Hmmm, I wonder if I can talk Ruthie into eating our left over spaghetti while I . . . Oh, never mind. But I can dream can’t I? Not only did we leave with the leftovers but Kim sent along some special ingredients so we can do our best to duplicate her recipe, and all we left them was left over blackberry pie. Now how’s that for a deal?

What a fitting end to a Sunday. Driving back to our home on wheels we thank God for not only the sights and things we have seen, but the special people He has brought into our lives.

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