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Replica of the Russian windmills

Russian Baidarkka

Mural of Bairdakkas at sea

Tree bough growing into the porch

Neat Fence

What a great walk

pretty cool shot

The Korbel Winery


Korbel Windows

Sunflowers at Korbel

Redwoods on the Korbel property

Landscape of the shore


A stone retaining wall

Ed n Kim floating in the lake

Ed with a Noodle

A gaggle of geese

A gaggle cruising

The pilot, always watchful

Galen and Kim floating in the lake

What fun !

Jenna taking Trev for a ride

Judie's favorite position

Judie's favorite position

Everyone in the water, well, except for the photographer.

Love this one

And this one

Getting ready


Hit it, Dad!

Nice and easy

We enjoy staying in the Hill’s driveway which allows us to visit with Kathy and Jerry and, gets us close to Kim and Galen . We celebrated the 4th at the Galt Fireworks display on Saturday night. On Sunday we went to Lake Comanche with Kim and Galen for a boat ride and a little lake fun. We got to swim in the lake and watch the kids ride on the tube behind the boat.

We spent a quiet 4th with a dinner at the Schmiedt’s and then, on the 5th, headed out with the Hill’s for a long weekend on the Russian River. We booked 3 nights at the Casina Ranch Campground in Duncans Mills. We drove over on Friday afternoon and setup in the campground. It is a campground and not a RV resort but it had fine facilities for our visit. Friday we made a trip to the Korbel Winery and went on the tour and sampled their champagne. We could recommend this tour for everyone visiting the area. We bought a picnic lunch at Korbels and ate in one of the redwood parks in the area. Saturday we visited Bodega Bay and a little of the ocean and a sea food lunch. We also toured the Fort Ross park, which is one of the remnants of the Russian history of California. It was an enjoyable weekend with the Hills.

When we returned on Sunday, we went to the Delta to the Lighthouse Marina and RV Park for a week’s stay. We were able to relax for part of the time, get some shopping in, along with dog vetting and also able to do some things with the grandkids while their mom worked. Tuesday we picked Jenna up at gymnastics and on Thursday we went with Trevor to his Lego Camp and picked him up after the class, where we saw his project for the day.

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