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So I know I haven't written in about... hmm... 6 days? But things are slowing down around here since the end of the semester is approaching. I only have 3 weeks of lecture left! CRAZY, right?

So my week was spent writing reports and starting on a workbook for my Maori class. Blah blah blah.

We did have a study break and watched Prom Night on Thursday... Steph, Viv, Hayley, Lexie, and I did.

Friday night we all went out this chinese place that we all got a grabone coupon for... only $15 for $30 worth of food... whaaa whaaaat?! I actually didn't have to pay anything because I somehow had grabone bucks... so yay, free meal! It was delicious! We all got something different and the table we sat at had a lazy susan.. so we just put our plates on there and spun the thing around and shared! I'd say it was a successful feast between 7 of us: Steph, Hayley, Erin, Lexie, Lauren and her flat mate, and I!

After chinese, Lex and I got this brilliant idea to make sundaes.. soooo we went to Pak N Save and got some whipped cream! We came back.. and had another brilliant idea to take shots of Jim Bean.. then walk to my place and make some sundaes... OH BUT WAIT! On the way we picked up Sydney.. who packed herself a book bag filled with goodies.. cookies and cream candies, reeses, potato chips, a couple carlsbergs, and some red solo cups she got from home! Then we got back and found Viv and Steph.. then Danielle (our new kiwi girl friend!) came to hang out.. and the boys were around so we saw them here and there.. so we had a little pow wow of music and talking and laughing and drinks... such a great time and we never had to leave Wally D!

I need to also add that Lex got a little crazyyyy... and drew a whipped cream penis on my window. And a heart on Jocks pillow. And some under Jordans pillow. And on Jacks door, I think? Aaaaannnnndddddd that whipped cream can was finished in about 30 minutes. Hahahahahaa.. no worries, I got to eat some on my sundae!

Saturday I got to skype Megan! That was great catching up with her! =)

Saturday night was daylight savings.. and we sprung ahead an hour! We all got together, a big group of us: Steph, Viv, Hayley, Matt, Grant, Paris, Lexie, Erin, and Danielle and hung out for a bit in Wally before catching the bus to town.. where we then saw a bunch more people: Dave, Mary, Pa, Joey, Adam, Laura, Dan, Lochie, Jock, Aydz, David, Blonde John, Tall John... yeah.. the list goes on. We all started at Mr. Cues, go figure.. then we headed to EV.. then beer barrel.. then EV again.. then free food (which was a delicious doughnut).. then Murphys Law.. then Shooters.. then Golden Takeaways.. then back on the bus.. (at least this was my schedule for the night.. everyone kinda dispersed and I just randomly saw people everywhere)..

I got back and had leftover chinese.. then I went to bed. I had a mean as time though!

Today was a lazy day.. I laid around.. worked on my workbook a little.. went to dinner.. which wasn't very filling.. played around on the computer.. talked to my little.. la deee daaaa!

Now I am doing laundry and writing this. My life is fun, right? Hahahha

Random Maori facts:

(Since I have been researching for my work book)

1. Maori used to eat rat as a source of protein.. they called the rat Kiore.

2. Rongomatane is the god of cultivated food.

3. Maori were expert eelers.. they ate a lot of eel.

4. Kumara was a main food for the Maori.. and was stored in underground pits.

5. Eels are best caught on a moonless night.

6. Tangaroa is the god of the sea.

7. Fishing hooks were often made of bone or stone.

8. Kiore were preserved in their own fat.

9. The priest who conducted all religious or tapu ceremonies is called the tohunga.

10. Maori are expert weavers and would make their own fishing nets, rugs, baskets, etc.


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