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I have never had my life revolve around food so much as the last day and a half or so.

Lets start with yesterday, Wednesday:

I was awoke at the crack of dawn (for me anyway) at 9:45 am. YEAH. Guess who? I was in a dead sleep.. just dreaming peacefully.. and just passed the fuck out... and I hear.. "Chelsea... chelseaaaaa... chelsea, did you eat my pizza?" Of course I am still in a slumber and super confused... THEN Lil Wayne starts serenading me because my alarm was going off... and I was just confused as hell and Jock is standing at the end of my bed staring at me asking me if I stole his pizza.

SO.. Yeah.. but then he proceeds to go down the hallway and ask Lochie.. who tells him it was Viviane.. and then he wakes her up.. and destroys her room. Someone was upset about his damn $5 pizza. Come to find out.. it was NO ONE on our floor.. but some girl on one of the other floors... tisk tisk. MY LIFE.

Now lets discuss today, Thursday:

I wake up nice and early for class and go to the kitchen... to find it filled with smoke. YES.. smoke... and it smelled awful. And there were people outside the kitchen warning me to not go in there.. but I just needed milk for my Weet Bix.. so I suffered through the smoke and got some.

THEN at lunch I am just peacefully cooking my chicken patty on the stove top... and I like my patties crispy... (this is important)... SO the maintenance guy is in the kitchen talking to the RA about how the stove is malfunctioning and starting fires and stuff.. and THEN I turn off the burner AND a giant flame shoots up! SO of course, I say, "Hey you may need to check this one too!" So the guy walks over and goes, "AH this is the problem.. this is burnt!" THEN proceeds to take the frying pan.. and chuck my chicken patty out the window. HEY! That was MY lunch. GAWD, really? And he just looks at me and goes... "Oh, sorry" WHAT THE HELL!!! Hmph. SO that was a waste.. and THEN I had to cook yet another chicken patty! MY LIFE.

Now tonight... the group of us were hungry: Me, Viv, Steph, Paris, Nick.. So we look into ordering pizza.. but it was just total confusion.. because the prices were coming up weird.. and no one could agree on toppings or on how much we wanted to spend.. and so after creating an order online for about 20 minutes.. the computer froze.. and we just called it quits.

Now we are waiting on McD's. MY LIFE.


It's interesting...

OH, P.S. Shipped out a package yesterday, SO Mom, Dad, Gran, Grandpa, Dylan, Court.. you all have something coming! Lots of New Zealand goodies!

I found the Icebreaker jacket I wanted.. now I gotta go buy it!

I also saw, for the first time, Hershey Kisses!! They are already setting up stuff for Christmas.. and it was with that.. so of course I go over and look at how much it costs....... GUESS?!

...... $7 for probably about 10-15 little kisses. YEAH. WOWZA.

AND I got some cool Christmas gifts for people... BE EXCITED.


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