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Oh hey there. Long time, no talk.

I guess I should start with last weekend. Gee, seems like so long ago. SO Friday night. Here we goooo:

It all started off when Viv and I decided we wanted to go out. Who cares if no one goes out here on Friday? We were. We went to Laurens flat and it made me feel like I was at home. House party, people, pong, boom, and just heaps of fun. It was a mean as time. We went out and got food.. then back to the flat.. then back into town. We brought the party. Every place we went was pretty dead.. but there were about 15-20 of us.. sooo yeah. Party time in Palmy!!

After our lovely night of dancing and fun.. Viv and I walked back to campus. It’s about an hour walk, but it was nice out so we didn’t mind… So we get back and I have Nicks phone because he was so drunk, he left it at Laurens…. So I casually walk into his room, not expecting him to be there…… AND I get a full on view of him and some chick having sex…. SO SCARRED FOR LIFE. SO SCARRED. I screamed.. put my hands over my eyes.. and shut the door and ran. NOT what I was expecting. UGH.

So yeah..

Onto Saturday…

GIRLS NIGHT! Viv, Steph, Paris, and Jess (new friend, Paris’s friend)… and then we met up with Matt and Hayley in town! We went to Mr. Cues, Beer Barrel- where my ass got full on grabbed, humped, and then the guy ran away before I could even slap him (MYLIFE), EV then Shooters. We got free food.. and the guy was super nice and put tomato sauce on my mince meat pie… yum! After eating.. I was bored and tired… so I took the 1 am bus home with Hayley and Matt. We were the ONLY ones on the bus. Funny. But I’d have to say it was a good night! =)

Sunday was a lazy day. Monday I went into town and did some more random as shopping. I got some more presents… (be excited people!)… I got some more hokey pokey drinking chocolate.. and a bag of apples… yup. And that night we made brownies. Exciting, right?

Tuesday I had tutorial… and I was sickly with allergies and so I slept after that.

Wednesday (today), a group of us went to Burger Fuel (Steph, Paris, Ben, Brian, Sydney, and Lexie)… It was my first time! Burger Fuel is a NZ owned restaurant chain.. with massive burgers! Mine had beet roots on it.. interesting, but good! It was called “Bastard”. The chain is really cool because they take the old oils from their food/ cooking and they use it to fuel their delivery trucks. Neat, right? Eco-friendly!

After eating lunch we all split off and I went and talked to STA about my trip to Fiji- things are slowly coming together! I am going to stay in the Yasawas.. most likely Nacula island! WOO! I think I am only going to stay at one island.. maybe I’ll take a day trip to another island while I am there! Look it up.. so gorgeous! I’m SO EXCITED.

This evening we went to dinner.. and I had something called cottage pie. And it was weird.. it had mashed potatoes on top.. and lamb bake on the bottom. The lamb bake part was good… but that’s about it. Disappointment. Good thing I have ice cream for dessert! =)


1. They called tank tops- singlets

2. They have “Share a Coke with Craig” coke

3. They have individually wrapped Tim Tams. I may have already told you this. Can’t remember.

4. They call little ball shaped sprinkles- hundred thousands

5. They love to put eggs on their sandwiches.. egg and chicken burgers, egg and hamburgers, egg and avocado.. egg egg egg.

P.S. Thanks to Atosha, I now know of a NEW ZEALAND MEAT PIE RESTAURANT located in Dayton! WOO! I am so excited.. and I will definitely be a regular customer! =D

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