Antelope in the snow...

It was a beautiful drive to Casper..

We will be checking out this cool store...

View of Casper, Wyoming..

Last one...our site in Casper..

We were up early this morning preparing for our drive to Casper. We had everything packed and ready to go until I started to bring in the slide, it would come in part way and stop. Yikes!

Jerry had to get on top of the RV and clean the ice from the slide covers, it was keeping the slide from coming in. It took him a while to get all the ice off and finally close, all is well now. :-)

We had a very beautiful drive to Casper, Wyoming. The mountains were all covered with snow. Wyoming is the "cowboy" state. They have a special store downtown Casper with 9 floors of boots, hats and everything cowboy. We are looking forward to checking it out and exploring Casper with Jared and Jerry Jr. They will be flying in tomorrow. Check back later for more from Wyoming.

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