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Brett helping his dad prepare truck and camper

19th July

We are driving thru Pennsylvania as I type. It is beautiful country with rolling hills, farms, forests, rivers and mountains. We just crossed the Allegheny River and have been driving thru the beautiful Allegheny Mountains. We never left NH yesterday, until 2:30. We stopped at Brett's place of work as he wanted to install an additional fuse. This is the Ford dealership where we bought our truck, thru his employment program. The men all came out to see the truck with camper on and wish us good luck on our trip.

The drive to Belvidere, NJ was slow as we hit the Hartford commuting traffic. Ed is pleased with how the truck is driving, despite the weight we are carrying. Because of the dual wheels on the truck, it doesn't sway at all.

We arrived at Butch and Myrna Shoemaker's home in Belvidere, where a nice pork dinner awaited us. It was topped off with fresh peach cobbler, which was delicious. I couldn't get to bed fast enough after that as we had been up at 5 AM.

This morning, after breakfast, we went on an ATV tour of the Shoemaker's property.. Their main focus is wildlife, and so have created ponds, fed by a stream, flower gardens for the butterflies .and fields of crops for the deer. They own 35 acres with their home, and an adjacent 55 acres with a chestnut log cabin, built in the 1920's before the chestnut blight. They have managed the 55 acre hardwood forest ed mountain side for deer habitat. Their land runs from their road to the top of the mountain. Black bears frequent the area, sometimes roaming around the yards. Butch saw 5 bear together on the mountain, a couple of years ago. Much of this land was once part of Butch's grandfather's farm. Butch also is the caretaker for a 55 acre piece of property, across the street, where he, his sons, and friends hunt deer. It truly is beautiful property, managed and taken care of extremely well. .

The relaxing morning was very enjoyable, and we talked about how strange it is that we don't have to hurry to meet any deadlines, at least until Ed's reunion on Sept. 15th!

A birthday cookout was held for Ed the day before leaving. Two grandsons, Brian and Eric, along with their girlfriends, Sara and Angela are seen here before saying their good-byes.

Brett was helping his dad with the preparation of the camper and truck for the trip.

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