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Ed, Myrna and Butch at lunch in Wisconsin

Corn and tobacco growing in Wisconsin

Wed. 21 July 2005

We just arrived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and are "camping" in the famous Walmart Campground. Since we drove quite late, it was an easy decision to make - stop in the store for a few items, then fall asleep in the campers. They have a security guard driving around, keeping the campers safe. There are several around us and probably more to pull in.

Our trip thru Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois was uneventful, with one exception. Butch and Myrna's cabinets were falling off the wall in their new camping trailer! The contents of this group of cabinets was quite heavy and we went over some rough roads, but they surely were not installed well! Myrna made phone calls, found that they could have the repairs done at a camper sales outfit the next morning. We found the place, had them look at the cabinets, then went to a nice campground near-by, where we cooked dinner, and took a good long walk. One powerful thunderstorm with strong winds had slowed our travels down a little earlier in the day, but it was over quickly. That particular area needed the rain by the looks of the crops and grasses. While Ed and Butch were off having the cabinets repaired this morning, thunderstorms arrived at the campground, but later in the morning, the weather turned sunny.

Wisconsin is a pretty state, wooded, with gently rolling terrain, interspersed with farms, rivers and streams. After crossing the Mississippi River into the state of Minnesota, the scenery became even prettier. Their rainfall has been adequate this summer, as the vegetation is green, and the crops growing well. We traveled Route 90 which runs along the southern part of the state. We drove past miles and miles of alternating crops of corn and soy beans growing in the fields. The terrain turned flatter in the western part of the state and you could see these crops for many miles in the distance. The farms are well maintained and very picturesque. It truly is beautiful.

We had our picnic dinner in western Minnesota, and then continued driving into S. Dakota. Ed continues to be very pleased with the new Ford truck- he says it tracks extremely well, and is easy to drive with the camper on. Tomorrow, we explore South Dakota!

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