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Hellllloooo again! My life.

We can start with my lovely spur-of-the-moment-impulse-decision-to-go-out Thursday night. Lexie texted me and said… “HEY lets go out!” I had just woke up from a nap and said, “..but I’m tired!” and she replies, “Okay I’m getting in the shower, come over whenever!” Go figure… SO.. what did I do? I ran out of my room all haggard and right into Jock… who happily holds out a box of wine and goes, “HEY chels! Want some wine?!” No, I didn’t… but I did want Steph to go out so I went downstairs and peer pressured her! (it worked.. hehe)!

So we took the fastest shower of our lives and got ready super fast.. and then… we didn’t catch the bus. BUT we did catch a ride thanks to our friend Chelci… who had her friend drive her little bug. We went to the Office, EV, Beer Barrel, and the free food truck (duh!). Lexie was a little tad intoxicated… and lost her passport. Steph bought a shot just to hit on the bartender (it failed). I somehow got surrounded by black men trying to hit on me… I turned them all down. Ghetto booties just attract them, I guess. And Chelci was never without a drink in her hand because this guy just kept buying her some. Funny thing, he asked her to come home with him.. and shes goes, “Uh no thanks, I’ll be sleeping in my bed alone tonight.” HA. Haha. It was a fun night!

Friday night was just a lazy night in… but we did get some lovely entertainment. Ladies and Gents, I bring you the boys of Wally D! All going out for Frothy’s birthday and looking like they came straight from the set of Weekend at Bernies. YES. Hawaiian shirts.. strange colored shorts.. dorky hats.. high socks… yup. A very wasted ginga- Lochie, kept us entertained with drunkenness. He tried hiding from the RA by putting his hand over his face. Seriously hilarious. Ken tried to cuddle with Steph.. but he moreso choked her. Frothy gave everyone high fives and Lex a kiss on the cheek. Adyz and Lochie danced…. By acting like they were grilling… “you gotta light the grill first…!” “now flip the sausages!” This is my life.

Saturday consisted of everyone going out again. (HEY, don’t judge. It’s the end of the semester. After this we have to break down and study!) Midnight marked Stephs birthday! So we had a celebration with water guns and a girls night! Although it was raining.. we did have a good night! Mr. Cues, The Office, and EV are the main places we went. We also got free mince meat pies. Go figure. I am addicted! Viviane, Lexie, and I took the 2 am bus home, which was packed! THEN we found Doyle (Danielle)… and she sat in my room for a long while… then decided to just stay. So we slept head to toe… which is incredibly interesting to do on a twin bed. Hahahaha. Needless to say I didn’t sleep well.. so I slept most of the day Sunday!

Sunday night we made a dirt cake for Steph and watched “When a Stranger Calls”. Lazy night.

Yesterday, Monday, I woke up early and did some errands. Went to the bank and converted and deposited money. THEN I went to town to the travel agency and officially booked my trip to FIJI! Flight, 2 nights on a beach on the mainland, 4 nights on a tropical island in the Yasawas, and transportation was all about 875 USD. I’d say that’s a pretty good deal! Now I just gotta buy my meal package when I get there.. and whatever activities I’d like to do (which are so cheap, btw)!! I am so excited! I leave out on Nov.1 from here on a bus to Auckland.. I’ll be busing overnight so I’ll be there by morning.. that way I don’t have to get a hostel! Then I’ll get to explore Auckland a bit before I have to catch my plane to Fiji! Isn’t it weird that it’s only about a 3 hour flight from there? That’s less than my flight to Vegas… Crazzzyyy!

Today I have Maori studies… which is supposed to be a little shared lunch.. so I made white chocolate dipped oreos! I’m so nice.

Welllll… gotta go!


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