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Week 15

Oh the happenings of Week 15.

THURSDAY: ladies night, yet again!

Viviane, Steph, Erin, Lexie, and I all caught the last bus into town around 9:30 and hung out at Laurens flat! We hung out with a great group of people.. made some new friends.. yaddyadda. Steph and Viv were having fun with the cat. I hate cats, but they like them. I have videos of kiwi’s saying our names. More specifically I have a video of Matt saying our names. Stephanie and Byron had a staring contest. Steph lost. AND after all that shenanigans.. we went to town!

We walked as far as McDonald’s when a car pulled over and gave us a ride. No worries.. it was Byron and James! We went to Mr. Cues to start our night.. then headed to Fish for $6 delicious cocktails. THEN to EV… No free food truck tonight.. WAH! Then we headed to the bus.. ladedaaaa.

We came back to a fort.. built in our common room.. out of sheets and chairs and cushions. SO what did we do? Yep… Doyle, Steph, Viv, Lexie and I made food and sat in it and talked like we were 5 years old. It’s good to pretend sometimes.. don’t judge. We had popcorn and coco pops. THEN Lochie and the boys came back.. and hung out for a bit.

I poured water on Jocks bed.. and now he hates me. Once again I ruin lives. BUT seriously.. I haven’t seen or talked to him since he very angrily yelled at me… and it’s been 4 days. Ooooooops! He still owes me $10 though.. so HOPEFULLY he gets over it. I apologized and gave him freshly cleaned sheets. He should be okay..

I also got lovely videos of Doyle saying… “Oiiiiii!” Lochie saying.. “FAAACCCKKKK” and Jock saying “You ruin my life.” Hahahahaaa… I can’t wait till I mesh these all together!

Friday was a lazy day… BUT Syd and I did go into town and I finally got to try Noodle Canteen! It’s like a subway of noodles… Asian noodles, that is. It was a ginormous serving.. and incredibly satisfying!

After that we went to Pak N Save and got stuff to make chop suey…. Yes… chop suey… YUM!

Saturday the group of us took off for THE HUT… on Mt. Ruapehu… the only thing between the little ski town at the bottom and the ski field… YUP. BE JEALOUS. Okay.. so before I begin on our shenanigans.. here is who went:


Matt Holwill

Brian (Grundle)


Dave Morton

Jake Morton

Patty (black haired, Irish patty!)

Dave Bartling


Luke (colorful luke!)

Tom Goswell

John (tall john)

Jon (Blonde john)

Hannah Hallock


So you see.. there was a big group of us. We packed the car up.. headed to Pak N Save.. got some food.. liquor.. beer.. the works.. and road tripped it up to the mountain. About a 2 hour-ish drive!

People started drinking in the car.. (it legal)… Hayley almost went off the road (according to Grundle who is afraid of heights)… AND we made it there safely!

We got the fire going.. threw our drinks out in the snow.. set up everything.. got out the red solo cups (YES, from America).. and taught all the non-Americans how to play flip cup. My team kicked ass (Luke, Hayley, Sandrine, Tom, John, Lauren, Patty, and me)… YEP. After that we cooked dinner… Syd and I made CHOP SUEY. YUM. And we had ham and cheese bread. It was wonderful. THEN people played some pong.. we played Kings (or Circle of Death.. as some others call it).. THEN we played the Fuck game.. then some people played Boom (or slap-cup)… and all the while there were random shenanigans such as… brothers wrestling (Dave and Jake).. the MUAC-hut challenge (fitting in between the stairs AND looping back through).. more consumption of food.. talking.. pictures… Patty puking and passing out… TWISTER was even brought out eventually.. THAT was interesting.. then as things started dying down there was a cuddle puddle upstairs. I got sandwiched in between the Morton brothers.. they made a little Chelsea sandwich.. and they both radiated heat.. so I was nice and toastie all night.

We were going to watch a meteor shower early in the morn.. however there was a wind/snow/rain storm that prevented that. HOWEVER.. someones damn phone alarm kept going off.. ends up it was Johns phone. We wanted to murder him. He shouldn’t have hit snooze…

In the morning everyone else made breakfast.. Syd and I slept. They all cleaned.. I slept. HAHA. I am such a bum! I eventually got up and ate some cookies.. and leftover ham and cheese bread.. and a granola bar. Then we packed up and headed home! … but we took a quick detour to look at a pretty waterfall. BUT THEN we went home.. and everyone in the back passed out. I did not. I was in the front middle/ bitch seat.

I got back and slept the rest of the day. Skyped Alex for a brief second. AND now we are supposed to be watching a movie.. BUT I don’t know where anyone is…

… So I’m gonna go find them!

=) Night!

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