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Sooo.. I leave in about an hour to go to Auckland.. where I then fly out for Fiji. SO crazy that my time here is coming to a close. I have officially said goodbye to so many people.. and still have to say bye to more. I am REALLY not looking forward to it. So sad. I've already cried a bundle. Kill me now.

My past ten days have been filled with studying... boring stuffs. I had three exams in two days. YAY me. I had an exam clash so I got to be in a special room that I couldn't leave ALL day.. so I was there from 9ish-4ish. I even had to pack a lunch. BUT it's over and I am DONE and some people haven't even started. WOOO!

Last night we relaxed and celebrated Halloween at our friend Ben's flat. There was a whole heap of us who went! I was "Where's Wally?" Perfect for photobombing people. We had loads of festivities.. hanging out.. twister for some people.. dancing.. games.. naked people.. stuffs like that.

We all walked back together.. and Elle (NZ girl) tried to hitchhike.. and the guy actually pulled over. But he was creepy.. and realized there were a ton of us and sped off. ICK. Jack walked back completely nude. His costume was tarzan. He pulled it off well. Nick also walked back naked part of the way. And Joey continued to complain about it.. Pedro freestyled.. and me and Lexie just enjoyed the randomness of life.

I booked my hostel for Aussie today! I am so excited! AHHHHHH! It's coming to an end and I'm excited for whats ahead.. and sad. I don't know how to feel. I'm so confused.

BUT.. I need to go. See yaaaa.

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