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This daytrip will remain a highlight when thinking back on this adventure year from now. It happened to be a very beautiful sunny day and I was with my good friend Saba. We went on a trip through North Yorkshire. We first stopped at the Hole of Horcrum. There are many tales as to why the hole is there. One is that a giant punched the earth. That was cool but it was a short stop. Then we got to the seaside town of Whitby! So wonderful! We first went into the Whitby Abbey. It was ruined by King Henry VIII. It was still very beautiful and obviously holds lots of history. Then we walked through St Marys Church graveyard and went down the 199 steps that Dracula runs up in the famous novel. We noticed a lot of dogs here. Maybe one of them is Dracula in disguise....

We walked a bit through the town and stopped for lunch at Mister Chips for some of Whitby's famous fish and chip and a cup of tea. Whitby definitely holds true to the title of England's best fish and chips!! We must had beaten the queue because as we were waiting on our food we noticed a lot of people waiting outside for a seat! After a very satisfying lunch, we headed down the walkway. Lots of people out and about. As we were walking there was a boat that was going to be taking off soon from shore for a 30 minute ride through the North Sea. We decided that that sounded like a splendid idea! And only for 3 pounds! What a deal! We sat down on the ship that was a replica of Captain Cook's Endeavour. The men who worked there were so nice and so happy. They just loved their lives so much. It was very nice to see people who are actually just loving doing what they do. We set off onto the sea and were treated to a very wavey sea. I had never been on a boat with such great waves. There was a story of Captain Cook playing but I couldn't hear it over the waves and people. But it didn't matter because I was just enjoying being there. After the ride, we walked down to the beach. We each picked up a couple rocks/shells for souvenirs.

We walked up some stairs and to a nice little lookout over the town. It was here that I decided that I would love to come back and stay in Whitby for a summer. I think in the future I might just do that. There was an arch that was made of apparently two whale jaw bones. After this we walked to the "Dracula Experience." It was a walk true attraction that had stories playing and the ambiance to go with it. However this was kinda ruined by two little girls who were really scared. They came around the corner and scared us so bad that Saba screamed and I jumped. Then they wanted us to walk thru with them because they were scared and yeah. We had another big scare when a guy jumped out at us. We had some time left before we had to get back to the coach so we went into a couple of shops and such and then boarded to get to our last stop.

Our last stop was the little town of Goathland which hold the train station that is in the first HP movie as the Hogsmeade train station. So now I've boarded a train at King's Cross to to school and now I'm at the "Hogsmeade train station." I feel so very cool! lol

We spent some time there to watch a steam train come in and went into a couple of shops.

We then boarded the coach and took off back to Leeds. What an eventful, perfect day! :D

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