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some poor driver got a shock when he came around the corner...

long walk on a long pier

Today we actually slept in so couldn't have been that bad in our cozy cabin, right? A quick tour around town (2 minutes tops......not a BIG place!) and off we headed hitting a few more beach towns before heading cross-country along a lovely yet very windy river valley. We passed a huge slide area and stopped to get some shots of the hill where the guys were still working trying to remove the gigantic piles of debris.

The town of Katikati boasts 40+ murals so we stopped and wandered around there for a while. The also have a Haiku pathway along the river that we considered until we came to some rocks at the start of the trail with some very Haiku'ish sayings on them. Although to some they might have been inspirational (or even made sense) but to Donna they were just a dozen words on a rock that didin't rhyme or instill in her a desire to dig deeper into her inner self for the true meaning of life. So we passed on this particular cultural event and went in search of a limmerick trail!

Into the big town of Gisborne or Gizzy as the locals call her. As it was still early in the afternoon we headed back towards East Cape to check out the beaches and see this long peir that the guy in the tourist bureau said was the best site in New Zealand. Okay picture this - 660 meter rotting pier now no longer used on the end of a mostly deserted road. It was pretty much a waste of time but we can say we walked (Donna actually ran) the longest pier in the southern hemisphere!

On the way home passed a bunch of people standing hip deep in the water and learned they were out there feeding giant stingrays and paying for the priviledge! Donna was very emphatic that she wasn't interested even if they would pay her to do it. Back to Gizzy for a great supper at the hostel where we chatted to a young German couple working and travelling NZ. They bought mopeds (like Dad's) and they say its a blast - they feel closer to the countryside than they would if they were in a car. My memories of returning Dad's moped to Courtenay are that it was frigging cold so they may be closer to the countryside but I can't say as it would be much fun at this temperature or in the rain!!!! Think we will stick to the more conventional means of travel. Anyway we didn't want to be negative so just smiled and said it sounded like a great idea.

So far these hostels have been great and it's fun mucking around in the kitchen with 6 or 7 others cooking up all kinds of interesting foods.

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