Last one!

We are in Livorno, Italy. We decided to take the local Livorno waterway tour instead of going to Florence or Pisa. We have visited both places before and had not toured Livorno, so it was an easy choice for us. We love seeing new places. :-)

Livorno is like a "Little Venice" tour. From the Porto Mediceo we followed the labyrinth of waterways that lead to the heart of the New Venice District, the bustling commercial center where the foreign merchants dwelled and ran their business, since the 17th–century.

Like a miniature Venice, it featured old bridges, historic residences, wharfs and warehouses located at sea level, in connection with the port. The area is protected by the New Fortress, commissioned by the Medici Grand Dukes and built during the Late Renaissance period.

We saw a lot of people hanging cloths out the windows just like we saw while in Venice. We enjoyed out tour much. Back on the ship we had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed sitting on the deck watching all the action below. Another wonderful day in Europe.

Tomorrow we will be touring Nice, France. Check back later for more from Europe.

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