Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Holy Moley is that Shirley with a margarita?

And with a free birthday desert

Vernon and me taking branches down

Boy there were a lot of them

Thank goodness for his pole saw

Did something move in there?

Now there is room for the rig

Yesterday Shirley celebrated her 61st birthday! Only one more to go for her Social Security entitlement that she has paid for all her working life. Anyway more getting Dad's place ready and we are on finishing touches. I worked in the yard with the help of our neighbor Vernon (who we bought this house from 13 years ago). Some have questioned why we are still staying in our camper at Walmart and not here. First, the apartment is not ready for us to live in yet. Second, significant tree (palm and magnolia) trimming needed to be completed before we could bring the big honkin dually and camper and test where we could keep it. Third, the upstairs tenants have a guest staying with them until this Saturday which means there are 3 cars with a maximum of 4 spaces available. So we have been camping at chez Walmart and there are plenty of restaurants etc. to walk to. Dad will not be here until sometime next week now as he waits for an important insurance document at Collins in Alabama. We will be moving the camper here Saturday and staying in the apartment until he gets here. Then we will sleep in the camper as long as the City of Neptune Beach doesn't find out. So back to the birthday bash. Shirley actually wanted a frozen Margarita (gasp) and we walked to the Miller Ale House for drinks and nibbles. Since it was her birthday Shirley got a free brownie ice cream desert! Enjoy the pics.

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