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Camping at Kauri Coast

New Zealand is made up to two main islands and a lot of smaller islands. The two main islands are called North Island and South Island. Sticking up to the north of the North Island is a peninsula called Northland. The city of Auckland is located at the junction of the Northland peninsula and North Island. The country’s largest city, Auckland, is located at the country’s narrowest point. At one place, it is only 11 km across from coast to coast.

Today we drove north on the Northland Peninsula to a place called Kauri Coast. My longest drive yet with my new truck. Four hours. It is running well. So far so good.

The Kauri Coast is named after the Kauri tree which grows only in north-west New Zealand. It is a huge tree and can attain heights of 40 to 50 metres and a girth of more than five metres, rivalling the mighty Sequoia trees of California. The campground where we are staying is in a Kauri forest. On the way here we saw a lot of logging trucks taking trees out of the forest. Most of the way here from Auckland was farmland until we got to the Kauri coast which is heavily forested.

The day was rainy and dark in the morning, then sunny and lovely in the afternoon, then clouding over and rain again. Sometimes it can change from rain to sun and back to rain again in five minutes.

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