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What they do with old VW Campers in Thailand!

King of tuk-tuks!

At our hotel in Bangkok!

At our hotel in Bangkok also!

Well, our trip has finally come to an end. We have seen and done some amazing things and the memories will live long.

What did we get right?

The pre-organisated parts such as hotels, train, plane and cycle trips worked like clockwork. After Christmas and New Year in Phuket nothing was pre-planned and was sorted out as we went along which also worked well and added an enjoyable dimension to the trip. The touring for the first 4 weeks was great and enabled us to see so much in a short space of time. You have to love a 'moving on' holiday to do it this way, which we do, but the more restful parts in Koh Phangan and Phuket were also very enjoyable.

What would we do differently if we did it all again?

Take less clothes. When packing for a holiday I have a rule that if you put out everything you think you want then put 50% of it away, you will be about right. In this case we should have put 75% of it away as even after 7 weeks there were items that didn't see the light of day. It would have made hauling our shared heavy bag around a bit easier. There were items that we lost (e.g. shirt that never came back from the laundry) and older items that we threw away to save space so we could have made do with less.

Be more adventurous with the street food. We relied too heavily on restaurants though while not expensive we could have spent considerably less on food if we had tried more street food. That said there was always the thought that if we got an upset stomach, which neither of us did, how would we cope if we were always on the move.

Spend more time in Laos and Cambodia and get away from the most touristy places. While it was good to go to Luang Prabang, Siem Reap and Phnom Penh (and they are a must for first time visitors), if I was coming again to these countries I would love to spend more time in other areas and perhaps do some of it by bicycle.

Motto for a good life (see pictures from our hotel in Bangkok)

Live, Love and above all, Laugh!

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