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view upriver from Negro Bay site - before we moved.

Yours truly

Day 6 (am temp 21.7)

Folsom, CA

I guess you could call this an extension of yesterday. Mark had mentioned a lake and river near Folsom which offered both kayaking and biking opportunities, so we opted to head there for a little outdoor activity.

While the daytime temps have been reasonable – upper 50’s/low 60’s, the nights and mornings have been a bit nippy, so there wasn’t any huge rush to get moving. So, packed the gear, loaded the bike, unplugged the engine heater, put the trailer down for its’ daytime nap and headed out for the general area of Folsom – destination unknown. A phone call to Mark gave me the name of a place to head for – Negro (pronounced Nay-grow) Bay, on Lake Natoma. I arrived first, and being from a state that offers many outdoor opportunities at little or no cost, the $10 entry fee to this site didn’t impress me much, so I explored a little more along the lake until hearing from Mark. We met back at Negro Bay and decided to park – like many others – in a nearby shopping center parking lot. From there we took a leisurely bike ride along Lake Natoma. Lots of people were out as this is a major bike/walking path between here and Sacramento. Felt good to be on the bike again, and even better that major layering and extra ear warmers weren’t required!

The rest of the day was pretty boring for you readers, so we’ll call it good.

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