2013 PG Snowbird Adventures travel blog

San Felipe Navy Patrolling the harbour

Hotel just to the north of us

These are the Park workers they watered and raked the whole roadway...

Our home sweet home for the past 3 weeks

He's no ordinary "Joe"

New little taco-burrito bar, with colorful mural

colorful mural, amazing artists

Our buddy vender, trying to get bus money to see his sick...

A week has gone by, and we found out all about nothing!!

In the last week we have done nothing.

I really mean nothing other than laundry and all of the necessities.

Watch the sunrise sometimes,watch the tide, the birds, fishing boats, the rowing team, socializing, grocery shopping, getting water, washing the car,

checking emails, Pat reads her books, Joe enjoys the warmth from the sun.

Hmmm, we have be doing some things, but mainly just lazing around the retirement way.

There is one thing that jumps to mind, my 49'er's almost, almost did it. Reminds me of 1994 Canucks.

One of the permanent residents puts on a big barbique here, tons of food.

Oh, we did have fun the last 2 days playing golf, but that was all tide dependent. We handicap-ed every one,

we picked an club from the bag, and used that, Pat got a putter, i got a Sandwich. We had holes on different sand bars.

Pat cannot play with a putter anymore, she's too good for us. there were lots of sand traps and water hazards, no rules.

play as you lie, you can use a Welton tee, though.

We went to a garage sale and almost missed it. they were packing up a 09:50 am and going home.

the Early bird will catch the worm here.

The weather has been great, calm seas by morning, wind picks up a bit after lunch.

The Spanish speaking people have been great to me. Just yesterday, i went for a part,

and they phoned an Mexican who spoke English and passed the phone to me.

and When they could not find it, they phoned around town to find the part for me.

Building suppliers that are like the Northern Hardware or Macloeds, they got everything, maybe its hidden away, but they have it.

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