Pete and Lynda's 2013 Trip To New Zealand travel blog

They make really good cappucino in New Zealand!

They THINK they make really good fish and chips too!

Found Clark pennywhistles for sale!

Our place mat at dinner - is this a record?

Spent a couple of hours exploring Keri Keri. Quite a new town. Finally found a supermarket (Countdown) and learned some more Kiwi slang - "trundler" is a shopping cart!

Purchased picnic supplies and headed off north to Maunganui, about 65 kilometres away. A small harbor village with a "world famous" fish and chip shop. I guess fish and chips is big over here but,let's face it, nobody does it better than Great Harwood chippie in Lancashire, or maybe The Cottage in Blackpool.

The bay that Maunganui sits on is named Doubtless Bay. Apparently Captain Cook passed by the entrance to it and remarked "Doubtless another bay" (yawn).

Found a beautiful beach at Coopers Bay and had a great picnic lunch there. The beaches here are mostly bays, beautiful, and DESERTED!

Having driven a car here for 2 days now, I'm slowly remembering not to turn on the wipers when signalling left or right!

On the way back, took a diversion around a small peninsula, with lots more beautiful empty beaches. Getting to them involved driving over some small mountains with absolutely spectacular views - it really is beautiful round here.

Dinner tonight was great, a small cafe in Keri Keri. All the food so far has been really good and probably about the same as you'd pay in CA for the same quality. Everything is really fresh.

Tomorrow we take a 4-hour cruise around the Bay Of Islands with the possibility of swimming with dolphins It will be Valentine's Day here which we plan to celebrate at the oldest pub in NZ, the Duke of Marlborough in Russel.

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