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Our bungalow resort

Sun, Sea, Sand, Guitar... sweet f/a

Our resort

Moped trip


The climb up

Just want to slide down it

Lunch at the peak

Palm tree bay

Looking over the bay

Small harbour

At the top

And Jesus was gone

Finally, one of my most anticipated party sessions was finally here… The Full Moon Party. And what a better way to celebrate it then on Christmas Day. So Will and I headed over to Koh Phangan a couple of days early so we could travel around the island and see the sights.

Having taken the advice of a friend we met in Koh Tao, decided not to stay in Haad Rin (where the parties at) and headed for the west coast. Decision well made. The bungalow was beautifully set right by the beach where an amazing sun set could be seen. We debated the issue of leaving our passports as deposits for the mopeds and I chose not to. The scam is you see, when you take the bike back they charge you for so called damages/scratches that you caused (though they were already there) and if you don’t pay… they keep your passport. B@st@rds!. However, Will took one for the team (left his passport that is)and 15mins later we’re cruising round the island on a fairly new moped.

Again, it has some beautiful sights, several amazing waterfalls and great bays. We made it to the view point past the waterfall only to be told we couldn’t go any further due to a lack of path and overgrowth, but nothing is too much for Will who decided to head off anyway. I complained as usually (seems he was in trousers and I was in shorts) and when we did finally hit a clearing, it looked like something out of ‘Wrong Turn’ movie. A road made of coconuts, random run down shacks with the background noise of wild dogs and monkeys chanting. Holy Sh..t! But hey Will was right as usually, we passed all the eeriness and ended up in the car park where the bike was. We headed round the north coast, though I daren’t try the walk through to Bottle Beach (the one that Lonely Planet states as “Dangerous”) but Will took some persuading still not to try lol.

We didn't and had lunch on the peak instead with a beautiful view over the bay watching kite surfing.

We didn't head anywhere on Christmas eve due to the Full Moon Party being upon us, especially when you research about this, it is crazy. Travel tips like, 1: split money into three sections and place them in your shoe, 2: do not wear open toed sandals, 3: don’t jump the fire rope, no matter how sober you think you are, 4: don’t fall asleep on the beach, 5: don’t get caught with drugs, ever! 6: do not bring anything that you do not want to lose. And with that I did not take a camera, but hey it was crazy, around 50 bucket bars lined the beach with around 20,000 people jumping about too. People passed out, people off their heads, people with injuries; burns, cuts etc. and way, way too much alcohol. I lasted till about 5:00am (I think) before I decided to take the moped back. I would just like to point out that I do not encourage this behaviour and didn't realise I’d done it until I woke up in bed the next morning and the bike parked outside. For clarity several buckets and beers means you can barely walk let alone ride! I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise to Will who I left stranded on the beach some 30mins taxi ride away and to Brendan (my younger brother) who gave me his cross necklace and I lost Jesus. I now have an empty cross on my chain.

I have taken this a message and will calm down a bit now having lost Jesus on Christmas day.

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