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Sunday, July 31

Before leaving the campground in Teton National Park, we listened to the tale of a young girl, in the campsite across from us. Last night, as we were riding around the park in the truck, the Griz had come up into the campground. She had been close by her camper, looking at the wild flowers, when suddenly she was looking at Griz, walking close to her. She was frightened of course, and began to run (the wrong to do, but who wouldn't??!!), when the bear ran after her. She reached her father as she had not been far away, and the bear turned around and headed back to the woods. She will remember this camping trip for the rest of her life!!!

Back north we drove, thru Yellowstone and to the north, into Montana. In Yellowstone we stopped at few places we had bypassed earlier, including the paint pots which are thermal filled with liquefied, colored, bubbling mud. What a site! The thermals are bubbling up from deep in the ground, just like coffee perking on the stove. It is difficult to describe, but hopefully some of our photos will be good and I can send them along to you soon.

In the northern section of Yellowstone, there suddenly was a huge traffic jam. I got out of the truck and walked ahead for over a quarter of a mile, to see what wildlife was causing the jam. Well, it was a bear jam! The cars were driving slowly, observing a Black Bear and her cub. By the time I arrived on foot, the bear was mostly behind a large rock. and the cub behind the bush, but I did see the sow briefly and hopefully was able to photograph her head and shoulders. We viewed elk, deer, and buffalo again today.

An earlier stop tonight at a KOA campground in Butte, Montana, where I sit typing, after catching up on the laundry, and sending a couple of the travel journal entries. We have stayed lately in more primitive campgrounds, which we prefer, but it is nice having these for the laundry, electricity, etc. Butch and Myrna have an electric generator that they use occasionally for electricity. But we have the gas for stove and refrigerator, and battery powered lights, etc.so are not "roughing it" too much. This campground is not as up to date with internet service as some KOA's, but just maybe I can send more tomorrow AM. It is "dial-up" internet, thus slow, so I won't be able to send photos again.

We will be traveling in Canada soon, heading towards Alaska. We will be lucky to find a campground, never mind internet access, so this might be the last until we arrive in Tok or Fairbanks. We hope you are enjoying the accounts of our travels. We appreciate the nice comments you have made on the travel site.

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