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Jess and I at Spier

The Cheeta project at Spier

Bokap, On one of my drives around Cape Town

A view of the city from signal hill

flowers at spier

Table mountain

A day of frisebee on the beach

UCT rugby

Obz at night

My beloved city

flower and his little friend

Sara and Simon...the great climbers!!!

You can do it!!

Carnivorus flowers

The dam...its full!!!!

Good bye Kat!!!

Matteo and his girls

I have been having the most amazing time since I have returned to Cape Town. I have been trying to get some studying (I have to take the GRE when I get home) while still making the most of my time here. I ended up changing my ticket (again!!) to give myself an extra two weeks here. I just couldn't bear the though of leaving South Africa while my visa was still good. So, my stay has been extended. I have been hanging out a lot with my friend Jess (though she is gone at the moment to Scotland for a world youth conference) Charlie and my "brother" Mat. The family that I am staying with is absolutely wonderful. I love hanging out with them and making dinner with "mom" we have been trying lots of recipes so that I will be able to make a good South African meal when I do finally go home.

I got together with the road trip crew twice since being back. The first time was an evening of indulgence; we met at Pannorattie's for a pizza eating contest. I defiantly had my fare share pizza though I could not come close to the amount the boys ate. We got together again for a braai at Craig's house to watch a slide show of the pictures and the video from road trip. It was great to see everyone again though rather nostalgic. I love this group of people and it about broke my heart to have to say good bye because I knew that I would probably not ever see them all together like this again. We had a great time looking at pictures and reminiscing on our times together, what a night!!!

I have been going on lots of little adventures around the Cape, driving around the city and playing on the beach. I got to watch Charlie play rugby in Stellenbosch and then walked around the town with Jess. I went with Jess and her family to a wine farm called Speir and had the most divine lunch, complete with traditional African face painting and dance and a ton of food.

I went up Table Mountain again, this time with Mat (my "brother") Kat (My old roomie) Wendy (my "sister") and Simon (a friend of Mat's). We had a great time and I was completely exhausted by the end of it. I got some great pictures and really enjoyed the climb.

We took Kat the airport yesterday evening. It was sad to see her go, I am the only one left now. Kind of strange though appropriate I guess. I was the first to arrive and will be the last to go. Going to the airport was weird as the last time I was there was when I first arrived and I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I think that is about it for now, I am still trying to catch up on entries from road trip. It is a slow process but I am working on it. Hope all is well at home!!



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