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My new cottage

Some of the neighbours

I spent nearly all day driving right up the middle of Ireland, mostly through semi-rural country which was pretty much the same all the way. I managed to stay on major roads most of the way so could travel at 80 - 100 kmh so it was fairly easy driving.

I got to Carrick-on-Shannon about 2:30 & didn’t have to be at the cottage until 4:00 so I had time to find the Tesco supermarket & stock up on supplies. The owner had just left the key in the door of the cottage but the fridge wasn’t even turned on, which didn’t impress me.

Even though it was a nice sunny day, the cottage was quite chilly & I couldn’t work out the heating system so I finally called him & things have improved since he’s been here. I now have the radiators & TV working & even have a peat fire going but like all peat fires, I think it’s more for atmosphere than heating.

John has his own peat bog on the property & has promised to show me how it all works. Also, there’s no Internet here but he’s pinched ‘the young fella’s’ wi-fi dongle for me to use. I’m just borrowing it & have to leave it outside the front door for ‘the young fella’ to pick up so I probably won’t be doing updates every day.

It seems like there’s a lot of places to see around here so another busy week.

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