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Stingrays in Grand Cayman

relaxation in Cozumel

Beautiful scenery in Jamaica

We arrived in Montego Bay, Jamaica on the 3rd day of our cruise. We decided that we would take a shuttle bus to Doctor's Cave Beach where we would just relax for the day. The beach was beautiful and the water was 3 different colors of blue. The Jamaicans that were on the beach trying to sell us stuff were very polite and respectful and I was very grateful to not have aggressive sales people approaching every 5 mins which is what I was afraid of. After the beach we walked up the street to Margaritaville, where we enjoyed a fun lunch before heading back to the cruiseship.

The second port was Grand Cayman, cayman Islands. At this port we booked an excursion with Island Marketing. We did a 2 snokel stop and swimming with the stingrays at Stingray City. We had a wonderful day filled with new experiences and even got brave enough to hold a stingray. The water was so clear and warm, it was easy to see the coral and fish when we snorkeled the reefs. After the excursion, we went shopping for a little while at the port area before heading onto the cruise ship.

On our 3rd port day, we went to Cozumel where I had booked a day at a private resort - Nachi Cocom. We took a taxi to the resort where they greet you at the front entrance with big mexican hats for photo opportunities :) Once we had our photos taken and paid our fees, the sent a nice worker to take you to your palapa and brought you drinks. From then, we soaked in the sun and enjoyed free drinks and food, beautiful warm water, and gorgeous scenery.... and best of all, a great time as a family!

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