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Karen and Gene Naftulin, Bob and Joanne

Top of Chairlift

Ants on the Slopes

Golden Mantle Groundsquirrel

Today, we all took the gondola (free for us) to the top of Mammoth Mountain. I was ok on the ride up the mountain but not as happy on the way down as the ride was very slow due to low skier turnout and the gondola was really really high off the ground. The snow was “corny” but still quite plentiful although there was a lot of brown patches. The view from the top was spectacular especially since it was a cloudless blue-sky day.

We also visited a large “earthquake fault” on the road down from the ski area. It is a seemingly bottomless large crack in the ground traveling quite a distance; the remnant from an earthquake that changed the geography of the region.

After taking the obligatory photos, we went back down into Mammoth Lakes to Gene’s favorite sandwich shop, Nik and Willy’s(I think) where we all got Gene’s favorite sandwich – the Yardbird, consisting of marinated chicken, bacon, lettuce mayo and a sauce on a ciabatta like roll. It was wonderful but the location of our picnic, George’s Lake, a lovely lake at the bottom of the mountain range, made the picnic more special. Of course, having Gene and Karen with us to share the food, conversation and scenery was the icing on the cake.

We parted shortly thereafter as the Naftulins had to get back to the “grind” of LA; a 320 mile trip for them. But we had a wonderful four days together and can’t wait to see them again. Thanks to both for sharing their mountain home with us.

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