We love exploring small towns like Fairfield..


We picked up some Bush's Chicken, it was really good..



Jerry feeding the fish..:-)

They have a nice fishing pier too...

Last one, back home with the air conditioner ..:-)

We have enjoyed our time in this "back to nature" park in the boonies. :-) We were surprised how far in the woods it was when we arrived, when we got to the gate it was another 5 mile drive into the woods to the campground. We saw wild hogs on the way, 8 huge ones and two babies in the road. After asking one of the rangers about them, we were told they might have been Javelinas. I wish I had time to take pictures, I was too shocked to think of the camera. :-)

We drove to the tiny town of Fairfield today and did a bit of exploring, then Jerry got some bait to check out the fishing area. I am DONE with fishing for now, I can't catch anything but crabs or tiny fish. I will watch him fish from now on. He tried and didn't do much better, he missed a ton of baby fish and fed them his bait. haha

We will be packing up and moving to the next State Park tomorrow, not sure which one yet. We want to drive about 250 miles and see where the next one is when we get tired. It is soooo hot here, we won't have trouble finding a spot. We will make sure they have 50 amps with this heat, it's 99 today. Wowser! We will be running both air conditioners. :-)

Check back later for more from Texas.

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