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View of the Bear Tooth Range, Rocky Mountains, Montana

Bear Tooth Range, Rocky Mountains, Montana

Cody, Wyoming - Buffalo Bill's town in the Rockies

Sign and distant view of mountains, Cody, Wyoming

The Irma Hotel - owned by Buffalo Bill in the early 1900s,...

Lynn's drink at the Irma Hotel Restaurant - Sarsaparilla - Cody, Wyoming

The famous cherry wood bar at the Irma Hotel Bar, Cody, Wyoming

Tuesday 28th May, 2013

Billings, Montana to Cody, Wyoming

Breakfast was most unsatisfactory at the hotel today – only 5 tables for quite a large hotel, therefore we had to sit on a bench against the wall, plus there was only toast (unless you wanted an iced doughnut, which we didn’t) and the toast was horrible. So we stopped on the way out of the town at McDonalds for breakfast and coffee. Even this plan was fraught with difficulty. We got onto the Interstate but, at the very next exit, saw the Golden Arches – so we pulled off the Interstate – only to find the McDonalds was closed for renovation. So, back onto the Interstate – then at the next exit, David accidentally took the exit – so we were off the Interstate again. We got back onto it and managed to drive past a few exits successfully and, finally, at the exit we actually wanted, there was also a McDonalds – so breakfast was consumed. Then we drove south west towards Cody, Wyoming, the town established by “Buffalo Bill” Cody back in the 1890s through some beautiful country with more snow-capped mountains of the Bear Tooth Range, part of the Rocky Mountains – out of Montana, back into Wyoming, where it became flat and arid although still at a fairly high altitude (over 4500ft). Arrived in Cody around 12:30pm, too early to check in so we went for a walk and also to look at the Buffalo Bill Historical Centre after which we walked back and strolled around the town, not very crowded yet as the summer rush has not yet started in earnest. There are many gift shops and souvenir shops in this town with many Native American crafts from all over, but not much from round here. T-shirts and other knick knacks abound so we browsed and then at about 3:30pm went back to the hotel to check in and had a rest and an aperitif and some chips for late lunch. Down to dinner in the very historic restaurant of the hotel which has the original cherry wood bar from 1901, together with stuffed heads of moose, bison and stags…..but with a beautiful pressed metal ceiling. The bar was much better than the service, although the steak was very tender. Up to our room as it is too cold for walking outside, only about 8-9C tonight, but fine although there were a few scattered showers today, most notably when we were just unpacking the car….

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