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Dinosaur Bones, Dinosaur National Monument, Utah

Dinosaur Bones, Dinosaur National Monument, Utah

David in front of dinosaur bone wall, Dinosaur National Monument, Utah

Allosaurus Bone, Dinosaur National Monument, Utah

David and Allosaurus Skull, Dinosaur National Monument, Utah

Thigh bone of Camarasaurus (Jurassic Period), Dinosaur National Monument, Utah

Bear Warning on Picnic Table, Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado

Lynn and bear warning, Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado

View from top of mountain, Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado

Monday 3rd June, 2013

Jensen, Utah and the Dinosaur National Monument (129.1 miles/208km)

Awoke to a fine day and after breakfast we set off about 7 miles to the Dinosaur National Monument. This is where palaeontologists have dug up dinosaur bones over a period of many years since about 1909 when a guy named Douglass came across dinosaur bones sticking out of the ground. Many of the bones have been taken away for research but many still remain on site together with a very interesting display of how the site came about. There is a large building that covers over a section of a cliff that contains a huge number of bones. The bones have been left in situ partly exposed and you can see them from a viewing platform and are even permitted to touch some of them, There are also many fossils at this site and after the initial viewing, we walked back to the visitor centre down a “fossil track”. You can see clam shell fossils, some dinosaur bones, and some petroglyphs on the rock face as you walk. Having viewed this we drove to another part of this park about 40 miles away where we thought there were ranger talks or other activities, stopping for lunch at a small town called Dinosaur (almost a ghost town and not very inviting – lunch was OK though). Once we turned off the main road into this secondary area, we climbed quite sharply up hill and we reached a couple of high vantage points and although they were pretty and fairly amazing, we soon realised the area was more for walking which we would have quite liked to do except the wind was so strong it would not have made for pleasant walking. We did notice a sign on a picnic table warning us about the presence of bears in the area. We took some photos of the views and returned to our accommodation in Jensen and had a bit of a rest and an aperitif, then went out to dinner in Vernal again – same restaurant as last night – very nice.

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