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A finalist for our new reality TV show, "The World's Most Scenic...

Beauty everywhere Guy looks.

West of Haines Junction, YT.

The highway meets Kluane.

Mt. Sandford, on the Glenn Highway.

One of several glaciers visible.

Not too tough on the eyes.

It's cold up here!

Guy develops a bad case of scenery butt.

Nice little roadside view as we descend toward Anchorage.

Hola amigos! It's been a while since we rapped at ya, but we've been kinda busy in Alaska.

We left the Yukon a few days back and made the two-day trip to Anchorage, a beautiful route that almost made the fleabag accomodations worthwhile. You know you're in trouble when the proprietors proudly advertise that you can smoke in their rooms.

From Whitehorse, we drove west to Haines Junction, Kluane and finally Beaver Creek, Canada's westernmost community. Although some lovely smoking rooms were available there, we pushed on across the border to Tok, where we found some more ritzy smoking rooms. Fortunately, the gas was cheaper to make up for it.

The second day was even prettier. As we left the Alaska Highway for the Glenn Highway, the mountains got higher and the sights more spectacular -- 16,000-foot-mountains here, glaciers there. By late afternoon, we were in the state's largest city (~275,000 people), where we had the misfortune to find our reservation honoured at one of the local hostels.

The place was dank, dirty and noisy, so we slept poorly and spent a significant chunk of our second day in town looking at other options. We finally found a room at a funky little B&B, but we had to go up a couple of notches in price -- Alaska is expensive in general, and Anchorage seems to have the highest rates in the state. It's tough to find anything suitable (and available) for less than $100 US a night.

So now we're here for a few days before heading south to the Kenai peninsula to catch our Aleutian ferry. Hopefully we'll get in one more update before we head out on the water for a week.

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