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Beautiful Lake Tahoe

Eagle Falls

A little more of Eagle Falls

Magnificent Emerald Bay

Emerald Bay , the Island and the Paddle Wheel

Back out from the Bay to the Lake

This morning we took off for Lake Tahoe. Last time we were here, we took a paddle wheel boat ride around the lake. One of the things we saw while we were on the boat was Emerald Bay. We were talking to someone we met at the park this morning and he was telling us about driving around Emerald Bay...a perfect drive. We drove around the lake to Emerald Bay and got some beautiful pictures. On the way, we saw a turnout...of course, there was no parking, but we found a place we could pull off the road and climb down the rocks for some incredible views of Eagle Falls. We drove a little farther and found a parking lot with a snack bar in it. After juggling a little, we found a parking spot and walked around the boardwalks to see the views of Emerald Bay...such a beautiful place. We got some pictures and some lunch and drove a little farther down I89 around the lake. When we got to South Lake Tahoe, the roads were under construction and we decided we had gone far enough so we turned back. It was a beautiful day.

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