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We had a good night sleep in our own beds even though they were cots with a thin foam mattress. We broke up camp as easily as we set it up. Everything stacked neatly in back of our Expedition. There was a lot if fog on Hwy 1 this morning. It looked like what one might expect along the ocean. There were many turn offs so we could look down at the rock cliffs and rough beaches. The wildflowers were incredible holding on to the cliff edge. Mainly succulents. We stopped for breakfast at a coffee shop and local hangout. I had rosemary herb bread topped with poached eggs and mini greens. Ron had a fancy tuna sandwich with lots if greens that he didn't care for. Three local guys and an interesting young dog walked in. The dog was a breed that comes from Louisiana. A hunting and working dog with black and gray spots. The dog was

interested in what we dropped on the floor rather than to sit as she was told to. The guys suggested places for us to see. They said that normally it does not rain there, but it had been this year. One guy asked where we were from. We said our usual answer where the states of Indiana, Michigan and Lake Michigan come together. He said then we were close to Long Beach. That sure surprised us. They

get their water from the mountains, they said later in our conversation, and they are angry that the large cities are allowed to take a certain percentage. We enjoyed talking with them.

From there we went inland to find Hwy 101 an expressway. That made Ron normal again. We are now in the part of California

where grapes grow and wine is made. We stopped to do some wine tasting and bought a bottle of apple port. Further along the road we came to a most interesting fresh food market. Like Whole Foods and Apple Valley only hipper. There was a coffee bar even before you came in. Lots of lovely fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, olives, wine, cheese and all things organic.

We bought enough for many meals. By this time we are getting tired and Ron suggested a B & B for the night. I had trouble finding one on my phone as the car was shifting on the still curvy roads and I was not certain of where the towns were that listed them. I found one further on our way north in nice little town with old houses. Our B & B is on a corner lot with a lovely flower garden and a nice big front porch to sit on complete with a three legged cat asleep on a wicker rocker. Our hostess was an injuredrehabilitateilitator. She told us interesting stories abosquirrelssquirrls that have fallen out of trees and about a tiny bat she helped once. She said if she should get an injured eagle then the wild life people are there immediately. She too keeps chickens like the B & B we stayed at in Salt Lake City. Ron and I spent most if the rest if the afternoon on that porch. We ate our goodies there and Ron read while I painted part of the front yard with mountains in the background. Our hostess brought me out a delicious iced coffee made with agavcoconutilla, cocunt milk topped off with soy milk and mint leaves. So Californian.

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