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Mountain Meadow Campground is a quality campground in Hungry Horse, Montana. This is where we stayed last night. It would be an excellent base camp for vacationing in the area, and especially for Glacier National Park. It is a great campground for families, as it has a small pond, stocked with fish, badminton, and a large grassy area for playing ball. There is a variety of activities in the area, such as scenic helicopter flights over Glacier, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, hiking, rivers, a lake for swimming and fishing, and of course the beautiful scenery in the park.

Ed and Butch worked for some time trying to repair the lock on their door, and ended up drilling the entire lock out. The dead bolt section of the assembly was locked in the closed position and the key would not go in all the way. It was fortunate that the ATV ramp could be lowered from the outside as it was their only means of access into the camper for the night. The latch assembly had a second lock so they decided to just use that for the remainder of the trip or until they could locate an RV dealer who had another one. Dad/Ed's back was slightly improved, so he was moving around a little better.

We didn't leave the campground until about 11:00AM, heading to Glacier National Park. However, when we arrived at the entrance gate, we found that due to regulations and for the safety of the visitors, we could not go directly thru the park, west to east, with our campers. Both were too long for the very curvy road in the mountains. If we had originally planned on going to Glacier, AAA would have informed us of this. It was disappointing as it probably is beautiful, but obviously dangerous also. We went "around the barn", on the outskirts of the park - still beautiful with winding roads up into the mountains.

Arriving at the American border control, we had to stop to register the shotguns that Dad/Ed and Butch have with them. Then to the Canadian border, where they thoroughly checked the guns. The border patrol did a search of Butch's camping trailer, but did nothing to ours. Finally, we are in Canada, arriving in Alberta in the early afternoon. We stopped at an RV dealer and Butch purchased a new door locking assembly, verrrry expensive. The guys installed it in just a few minutes Hopefully this will be a warrantee item and they will be reimbursed by the manufacturer.

We drove for miles, heading north, thru absolutely flat land, but mountains in the distance, with ranches consisting of thousands of acres. Mile after mile of wheat and hay. And horses! So many horses! They really seem to like the Appaloosas here in the west. Driving until about 7:30, we stopped to buy some fruit from a couple selling it on the side of the road, by a large gas station. She told us that truckers park overnight in the large lot in the back, and since we were tired, we decided to camp there. Myrna cooked a nice spaghetti dinner. Believe it or not, we sat and talked for an hour - such nice people the Shoemakers are! But we are now ready to "hit the sack", so good night all. No wireless internet here and might not be for some time, so these daily reports might sit on this computer for a few days. Tomorrow we should be in British Columbia. It's still a long way to Alaska!

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