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Wed, August 3

On the road again - we just want to get to Alaska now! No more stopping, except when necessary. We are here in Dawson Creek, Alberta, Canada, spending the night in a non-fancy campground just outside the city. We wanted hook-ups tonight so we could fill the campers with water. We drove 524 miles today!! It definitely was our most uneventful and rather boring day. Alberta is vast, with little to see except open prairie - flat, flat land! Ranches with cattle, fields of hay and wheat. Mile after mile! We did see many more horses. And occasionally a ranch where the owners raise alpacas or llamas. More interesting, however, are the ranches that raise elk and buffalo, and graze them in the pastures, close enough to the highway to be able to view them. Wildlife was scarce, at least to us on the road. Great deer and elk land, but it is so vast that you just don't see many. We did see deer - still white tailed. Dad/Ed is interested in knowing just where we will begin to see Black Tailed Deer instead. Many hawks were flying over the ranches, and large amounts of ducks in the small pools.

Alberta will receive a D on their report card for roads, travel rest stops, and route signs! Good grief, what roads! Bumpy isn't the word for it! And I guess they don't feel that travelers should find it necessary to use a bathroom, or stop for a leg stretch! We were happy to have our campers with us, for sure!

We are just coming into mountainous land, as we crossed into British Columbia about 6PM tonight. The Rockies can be seen in the distance. Nibbling on fruit, nuts, and beef jerky to keep us awake on the long, straight roads, we didn't find the need for a large dinner. The tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches were all we needed. The campground is on the edge of a ranch, but close to town. Myrna and I walked to a store after dinner, while the men did some more serious checking on the vehicles. It is 10:30 PM now and still not completely dark. We have about 1200 miles to go to reach the Alaska Border! To bed with us as we must get a good start in the AM. We would like to reach Alaska in 2 days. It truly is amazing, this vast land of Canada!

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