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James talking to "His Pooh-ship"

Winnie the Pooh...

Today's route was straightforward. Leave camp, ride 129 km, arrive at camp. There was little to visit and/or see in between. After a fairly terrible night's sleep, we left camp around 8 am. At 8 am it was already fairly warm...an indication that the day was going to be a scorcher. On the road, we met up with Rich, Ken, Newfie Bob, and Barry. The six of us formed a pace line and cruised the first 40 km to White River.

We stopped at the Robin's Donuts there and enjoyed a coffee and muffin. A brief stop at the Winnie the Pooh monument for a picture, and we were back on the road. A few kms later, TS started to feel queasy. As Mark passed in the truck a few kms later, TS tapped his head - a sign for Mark to pull over.

Once we caught up with the truck, TS proceeded to barf. After the fourth round of puking, he decided it would be best to get in the truck for the remainder of the day. He hopped in with Mark and Melissa (she wasn't well either) and they were on there way to Wawa.

I headed back out on my own, but managed to catch up with Carol and Marg a short while later as they were pulling into a café along side the road. I joined them for a lunch break of PBJs and a cold drink. We rested there in the shade for about an hour. The heat was really beating down, so the break in the shade was great.

After lunch I pushed on alone. Despite the increasing head winds I was making excellent time - perhaps one of my strongest rides of the trip so far. I barreled along, catching and passing several riders. The last 20 kms the head winds really kicked up. Cycling both up hill and down hill required immense amounts of effort. Demoralizing and frustrating all at once. Tristan caught me about 8 km outside of camp, and I spent the remainder of the ride tucked in behind him, pedaling my ass off to keep up. It was great though - we cruised into camp tired and beat, but high-fived one another to celebrate the end of the ride.

TS had pitched the tent, so I showered and we relaxed for the rest of the day. Dinner was a delicious tuna casserole-like dish that the galley crew had invented. The rest of the evening was spent listening to Newfie Bob and Irish Dave take turns playing the guitar. A great evening right before a well deserved rest day!!

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