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Home Sweet Temporary Home

Hi all,

Well it has been quite a long time since we have updated this site. We have been plugging away having a normal life. Kibd of makes all the bitching I did about back packing kind of funny now.

Well Kirsty can add some more and i'll tell my half.

We are living in a share house with Peta and Adrian who are two friends from Perth.

There is also Shayno from Albany and Kezza from Melbourne. Christina from Sweden who is soon to depart and be replaced by Magnus.

We have another roomy Maria who I have never met. Makes the place a fair bit of a hive of activity but it works well.

I have been working about three hours North of Scotland in the far north sea on what they call a semi submersible. I am amazed it is still floating but it is. We anchor down with about sixteen big chains and are doing a well clean out at the moment for Chevron Texaco.

An american once said "My worst winter was a Scottish summer" and I can see why. It is the middle of summer here, outside air temp is about 8 degrees celcius with 43mph winds, 6 metre seas and really makes you feel like getting your swimmers on.

The cooks are throwing up but I am amazingly fine because the motion is different to a ship.

The Radio Op keeps calling me soft because I have a winter coat on to go outside. Apparently the rig gets buried in snow during the winter so that will be fun.

I am the medic/admin/safety/every crap job person on here which makes me want a safety job that much more.

The days are pretty long but I have internet and can call Kirsty daily so it's pretty good.

After that, well London is going ok. I quite like it as there is lots to do. The weather has been great down there and it is only a hop skip and a jump to Europe.

We are coming home at Christmas via Toronto, Vancouver and Hawaii and get to Perth on the 21st of December for three weeks.

well that's all kiddies. Sorry if it is a bit mundane but after two weeks my brain is fried.

Stay safe and keep in touch


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