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Hong Kong Island from Kowloon

The Ultimate Tourist at the Railway..

View from the Peak

From the train going downhill

The Lovely Mrs..

Well after an exhausting 2 weeks in the UK it was back to the traveler trail, so where better to start again than that of the Far East. With a quick pop into Singapore to meet a couple of Tracey's friends for a beer(I know a long way to go for a beer) and to hear the momentous win for London as the Olympic Hosts in 2012? We joined the party in the heart of Singpore albeit across the river from the official parties.

Next day we ventured a little further north to Hong Kong for a couple of days.

Well unless you want to go shopping or partying, there's not a huge amount to do there. So we trawled the streets as normal and found some suitable things to do. One of those activities is to go to the Peak on the Fernicular Railway, another form of transport to cross off our list and another one for Tracey to worry about, think about climbing a mountain in a railcar with skyscrapers all around and almost a vertical climb..oh what fun. The view from the top was spectacular.

If you want to eat Pig's Trotters in BBQ sauce or Chickens' Knecks you've come to the right place, could we find a nice Chicken Chop Suey or Sweet N Sour, no chance.. so KFC won, not really we did find somewhere to find some normal Chinese, but a little different from what we anticipated.

So that was Hong Kong, so now to the big adventure Down OZ please Pilot..

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