This is where we stayed with our children in 1982 :-)

The Jackass Cafe across the street...

View of the town and the huge mountains..


Last one, our hotel for the next few days..

We are in Cripple Creek Colorado for the next few days. We are on a mini vacation. I know everyone thinks we live on vacation already. :) Vacation to us is being in a hotel with room service and someone else doing all the cleaning.

We love Cripple Creek, the first time we visited the town was way back in 1982, our children were 12 and 16. The town has totally changed from what it was then, but we still love it.

The drive from Ridgway to Cripple Creek was about 250 miles, it went fast because of the incredible scenery on the way. The drive took us over the Monarch Pass, it was 11,230 feet high with some of the most beautiful mountains we have seen.

We will be exploring the area and looking for a lot of geocaches. We also have several scenic drives planned. Photos will be added when I have better Wi-Fi. Check back later for more from Cripple Creek.

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