Cool Cripple Creek Donkey Cache....

They loved our carrots and wanted more...:-)

They walk all over the cool!




Last one!

We have been enjoying out time in Cripple Creek. We went geocaching today and found the Cripple Creek Donkeys cache. We had to take a photo in front of the cache and send a E-Mail to the owner telling him the name of the statue, artist and when made. This is the perfect cache for this town with donkeys walking all over the streets.

Cripple Creek Colorado is in the heart of the early gold mining districts of Colorado. Donkeys played a key part of the backbreaking work of hard rock mining in the early days. They were used above and below ground to move the gold and silver laden ore. When the mines played out the donkeys were abandoned, sometimes left below in the mines. The ones who returned to nature reproduced and a wild herd has lived in the area ever since, coming into to town whenever they wished. Although there are not many left this is a statue honoring them.

After we completed the cache we went to the Dollar General for some batteries and saw about a dozen of the donkeys walking in the streets. We bought carrots for them, they ate the whole bag in minutes. I will add more donkey pictures when I have better WiFi. Check back later for more from Cripple Creek.

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