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Today, August 31, 2013, will be my last entry into this blog. We arrive home tomorrow and I will have plenty of other things to do.

The drive today is short, only two hours from Santa Barbara to the Valencia Travel Village in Valencia, CA. We could have driven home but were concerned about traffic over the Labor Day weekend and why get home early? We have been able to keep to our itinerary for 37 days. Quite amazing, I think. We have only had a couple of minor adjustments along the way changing campgrounds three times but not the actual destination.

Friends and family often ask Sandy and I what our favorite venue or experience was on a certain trip. For us on his trip, as others, we do not have an answer to that question. We have no one favorite. It was all good. However, Jim will talk about his crabbing in Florence and the oysters he ate along the way. Bev really liked the Woolen Mill museum in Salem, the jet boat ride in Gold Beach and all the shopping opportunities. Sandy found the giant Redwood tress to be spectacular, the dune buggy ride in Florence a lot of fun and the friends and family we visited.

For me, my favorites are the train rides, views along the Oregon Coast, the lighthouses and the many historical sites we visited.

I must also mention this wonderful RV lifestyle. This was our first plunge into an RV trip over five days and we learned so much. We learned about our rig, about various types of campsites and of course all the venues we visited and activities we experienced. I love it.

The best experience for all four of us I think I can say, however, was the friendship we developed on this trip. We laughed and laughed for 38 days and just had a great time. We settled into a comfortable travel routine and everyone compromised on the itinerary and daily activities. The Gillian’s are great people to be around and I think our friendship has grown. Just a great experience.

This was my first foray into blogging as well and it has been fun. Thanks to Sandy for all her wonderful photographs, Bev for her editing, and Jim for providing his humorous content.

Please let me know your opinion of the blog. Was it interesting? Is there too much or not enough factual information about the venues we visited? Too many or not enough photos? I know that I need to improve my spelling and grammar so that is a given! Please send me an email through the blog or directly.

Bill, Sandy, Jim & Bev.

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