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Lockport NY

Ready for the cruise

so many pretty trees

wall mural at the Lockport Discovery Center, opening day of Erie Canal

This church has Tiffany windows but they closed before we take the...

Tiffany windows

Cafe at the canal

Erie Canal


rail bridge upside down

Lock gate

Lock gate

water rising

tied to the side while water ristin


watching the water rise

top of the gate

drill marks


couldn't get enough of the view

continue another hour and we'd be going over the Falls!

another view


stone building - along the path the horses or mules pulled the...


just more views



we got photo bombed

lifting bridges. They lift up for the boat to go under

new paddle boat the cruise line plans to use

another view of lifting bridge

So, paying for two more nights at the KOA and checking about Niagara Falls tours. The KOA lady was encouraging a different one from Gray Line and as we were going back to the trailer to see what we wanted to do a lady from Florida told us they took one that was much cheaper. Ended up the lady was originally from OKC,her 99 year old mother still lives there. We came back and called the tour they suggested and reserved for Friday.

That gave us today to head to Lockport, NY to see the Erie Canal. It was a beautiful day. We stopped and had a Subway sandwich and arrived in Lockport about 1 pm. Went thru the Discovery Center then went down to the canal to take a cruise through the locks. It was a wonderful time. Of course we took lots of pictures. It's so amazing that they constructed the canal in 1825 - all man power. Had to dynamite through some of it.

The water filling up between the locks, the gates closing, the gates opening to the next level. Just extraordinary.

Tomorrow we take our Niagara Falls tour. We might leave here Saturday morning and go to Fort Niagara. Probably won't have good wifi after we leave here. It's costing us $53.10 a night here but we have full hookups, cable TV and good wifi.

We've talked to the kids and all is well at home. So far our dog, Duke, is staying at the house. We worry he'll leave but Candy and Darren are going out there regularly. Candy will have him so darned spoiled and fat by the time we get home.

Tired...early rise tomorrow for tour guide. It's 1:30 am and guide will be here at 8:15. Will probably add more Erie Canal pictures tomorrow plus our Niagara Falls pictures.

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