Leigh & Toma: Cross-Canada Bicycle Tour 2005 travel blog

Last night was a much better sleep, partially attributable to the moderating effect of the rainfall on the house's temperature. We rose with civility at 8am, arranging our gear, eating breakfast in a kitchen and thanking the Hewitts a million for their hospitality. We finally shoved off into the renewed sunshine at around 10:30am. What's the rush? Our route for the day would be less than 100km.

Hewi helped us devised a fabulous route...flat if not downhill most of the way. The bikes, freshly tuned up, felt like new. Throw in a couple pairs of fresh legs and you get the picture...we were flying through Pickering, Ajax, Whitby and the like.

No PBJ's today my friends, just some fresh sammies wrapped up by the friendly folks at Tim Horton's. Lunchtime proper coincided nicely with a DQ that showed up in the Whitby area. We were pretty much obliged to buy a Blizzard as today was Dairy Queen's Blizzard fundraiser for the children's hospital if I'm not mistaken. I'm not an "ice cream type of guy," but when there are kids involved, how do you say no?

We eventually met up with the group's route from Alliston, running into Cor, Barry, Michele and Mart en route to our final destination - the Darlington campsite. Being such a short dawdle, we were there before 2:30 - resting, showering, chatting, helping set up insomuch as we could.

This evening, we would rendezvous again with the lovely Two Heathers. These twin sirens have been gracious enough to grab all of our sparkling clean gear from Hewi's house in Scarborough and drive into Darlington. They appeared around 6pm; while Leigh unpacked our laundry I set up our tent, then the four of us whisked off to a Keg nearby for a three-course compensatory meal. Girls, thanks a million for your all your help, it was great seeing you again.

Leigh and I were dropped off at the site around 9:30 and snuck into our tent for the eve. We realized to our dismay that it had gotten quite muggy again; and that the massive 401 highway AND train tracks were not far away. Even with earplugs on, the traffic was a constant din. You know the sound of traffic whisking by? This was different. I lay awake for much of the night, imagining if the noise I was hearing was actually four dozen transport trucks, driving on conveyor belts on the other side of the outhouse. Oh well, think sleepy thoughts and hope for a good ride tomorrow. Good night.

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