Sammy was ready for war...:-)

He got a lot of eggs, we were so proud of him...

Check out the basket he won...awesome!

After church we had a wonderful dinner with family, a perfect Easter....

Last one, Sammy in Grandpa's UPS hat..

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We went to church with Ed, Vickie and Sammy. We got to meet a lot of their wonderful friends and the pastor and his wife.

They also had the Easter egg hunt today, Sammy was ready for war, he ran around like crazy picking up those eggs. :-) They were all over the church lawn. I am happy to report he also won, he got a huge basket full of goodies.

After church we all went to Ed & Vickie’s for another awesome dinner. Vickie is a wonderful cook. She had a delicious spread on the table for Easter, we all enjoyed our dinner much. It was another great day in Kentucky with family, check back later for more.

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