We had fun geocaching today, this was Ed's first time...

Vickie found a nice one..


We fished for a while at the campground, but no luck..:-)

Sammy and Vickie having fun..

Last one, Sammy got a hole in one..Yippee!

Today we went geocaching with Ed, Vickie and Sammy. This was Ed’s first time geocaching, I think he had fun and I hope he goes back for more. :-) We all had pretty good luck finding the caches, but I think Sammy found the most. I am sure he had a little bit of help finding his.

After geocaching we went back to the campground and did a bit of fishing in the lake. We have not had much luck with fishing. Sammy was great at going back and forth to the RV or everything we needed, more bait, my sun glasses etc. He was a good sport today.

Vickie came over and fished for a little while too and played in the playground with Sammy. Another great day in Kentucky, check back later for more.

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