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Climbing up to the crater

Climbing down into the crater

Slimily being dragged into place

The result


Sharon and me

Being led to the wash-off

Clean'ish again!

Bikini, mud and calmly walking down the high street!

We had a fun morning at this volcano. It is only slightly larger than a termite mound - 60 mts tall so quite an unremarkable volcano. The villagers run the events around it as a cooperative and a way of earning a living.

You climb some steps to the top and inside the crater is a pool of mud. I was prepared, already wearing my 2-piece but first of all wanted to see where you got scrubbed off afterwards as the guide had described it as 'a swamp'. Anyway, it was part of the large lagoon so Sharon and I climbed the steps and queued up for our turn in the pit.

Once in the two men take you and pull you through the mud to a place where they make sure you are all covered over with a little bit of a massage thrown in. Then you can sit around and 'enjoy' the relaxation until you want to get out. That part didn't take long.

Climbing the ladder back out of the crater was quite tricky as it was slimy from previous people and pieces of dried mud kept falling off.

We then walked down to the pool where ladies took over. We sat in the pool while they poured bowls of water over us, telling us to remove our tops and pants which they rinsed out and gave back. Needless to say, our hair was still matted and although the grey mud had mainly vanished there were remnants which had to be dealt with on our return in the shower.

Hair washed and showered we met up for a coffee and cake nearby and now I am waiting

for Eliuth as we are going to the airport together to check in for the flight tomorrow and confirm my Havana flight.

Constantly 35 degrees here and quite high humidity so I'm making no great plans for later - maybe reading on the hotel roof in the breeze then packing as we leave tomorrow and the holiday is almost over.

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