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My 'inal resting place, room in Havana 'casa'

View from pool


Poolside view of the Casa'

Dining area

Gall. of Cuban Art - espresso coffee pot sculpture

Havana bay and Christ statue on right of dome - visited many...

Havan Old Square to left from Camera Oscura

... and right hand side

Another view of Bay and not a Che slogan in sight

Saturday 1 March.

After a good night’s sleep and early wake-up I started to plan my day.

I met a young couple from Lewes at breakfast and shared a taxi with them into town. I had my ticket for the Cuban Art Gallery from when came here first and that was my main objective of the day.

I was happy to have gone there as the art was very interesting and varied with quite a few sculptures also on display. I stayed more than two hours and then strolled towards the Choloclate Museum for a hot chocolate. Disappointingly, they only served cold chocolate so I had to force that down.

Back to the Old Square I delayed going to buy the ‘best coffee in town’ so as not to have to carry it around. I went up the tower on the square to see the camera obscura – first seeing a whole panorama of Havana from the roof before going inside and having a rather robotic talk through the views from the camera.

When I got to the coffee shop I could have had a cup of coffee but the shop part had closed for the day so I couldn’t buy any to bring home. Undaunted, I set off for another good shop I knew but they didn’t have Arabica in small bags – so no Cuban coffee unless I have money left at the airport to buy some.

By 3:30 I was finished with strolling the streets I knew so well and got a taxi back to the casa and flopped by the pool until the sun started setting. After a shower I set out to last night’s restaurant taking with me the last few items of little presents I had not managed to give away to children – the waiters were delighted with my novelty erasers, balloons, pencils and pens. Forgetting to ask for small portions I had a magnificent feast wonderfully presented of grilled vegetables and three cups of brown rice with beans – enough to feed me for days but I struggled through and only left some rice. Unfortunately they had no lime to make a caipirinha so I had to settle for a Mojito – may be my last for some time to come. The staff were all so friendly it didn’t seem that this was only my second time there. What a nice way to end my trip.

Sunday 2 March

With my late flight at 21:45 I just stayed around the pool after a very good breakfast and asking for lunch at 2pm – which I felt would fill in the time to the plane’s food if I decided I needed it.

The taxi came early and I was dropped off at the terminal – only problem was it was the wrong terminal. A helpful lady from the Info Office got me another taxi to transfer me 3 kms to the right place. He wanted to charge me $10 and I was outraged and said no more than 5!. I got my luggage but he stood his ground and in the ned (kicking myself now) I gave in – taxi drivers are the same the whole world over.

Getting through all the processes I found myself in a dismal terminal with the usual government run dusty and dim shops. Anyway, with an excess of currency I bought some coffee and chocolate.

I won’t bore you with the flight – nothing really to tell but as I write I am now in the Premier Inn at Gatwick, hair washed, showered and unsure if I need to eat. They give you only 30 mins free internet so I hope to upload the text and tomorrow, from home, get up to date on all the missing photos.

Not sure I like the weather – grey and drizzly with lots of room for improvement. Yesterday I was sun-bating in 30 degrees – what a difference a day makes.

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